Canada's Gateways

Canada’s prosperity and quality of life depend on our success as a trading nation. Today, in an era of rapidly moving global supply chains, our transportation systems must connect Canada with the world.

In advancing the gateway and corridor approach, the Government of Canada is pursuing long-term policy, planning and strategic investment in transportation systems to strengthen Canada’s position in international commerce.

The approach includes the National Policy Framework for Strategic Gateways and Trade Corridors. It will support specific strategies to seize geographic, trade and transportation opportunities in key regions.

Applying the Gateway Approach

The Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative, launched by Prime Minister Stephen Harper in October 2006, is the first application of the gateway approach. The National Policy Framework identifies two priorities for new gateway and corridor strategies, in central and eastern Canada.  Discussions are underway with partners in each of these regions. The priority is on long-term planning and system-based analysis through partnerships among governments, and between public and private sectors.

The gateway approach promises real benefits for Canadians and Canadian companies as we build upon our country’s competitive advantages and strengthen our position in international commerce. Our success will help ensure a strong Canada and a strong economy for future generations.

Canada's Gateways