Canada's Gateways - System Map

Canada’s Gateways offer an efficient transportation network that spans from coast to coast, reaching deep into North America’s economic heartland.


Pacific Gateway

The most direct route between Asia and North America
The Asia-Pacific Gateway facilitates global supply chains between the North American marketplace and the booming economies of Asia, through major ports and airports, as well as road and rail connections stretching across Western Canada and south into the United States. Efficient, fast and streamlined, the Asia-Pacific Gateway is a vital portal between North America and Asia.

Continental Gateway

The direct connection to North America’s heartland
The central location of the Continental Gateway facilitates international trade with North American markets through expansive connections into the U.S. as well as moving goods to and from Europe and the rest of the world.

Atlantic Gateway

North America’s closest access points to Europe and Asia through the Suez Canal
The Atlantic Gateway is well positioned to meet the growing demands of shifting world trade patterns. It is a world-class network of natural, deep-water ports, international airports, key border crossings, and intermodal road and rail connections with direct access to major North American markets.

Canada's Gateways